I run a small, perfectly formed and affordable recording studio out of my garden in Leytonstone - Sound Terrace studio - it can be rented by the hour and includes my services. I can be as involved with the production/arrangement/mixing etc as desired - anything from simple recordings to full-scale productions. I work closely with Café Music Studios in Bow, who specialise in mastering tracks to full industry standard. Here is a video demonstrating my instrumental playing in a track that I wrote and recorded myself. I am also available for sessions, having wide ranging experience both live and in the studio and across many different genres.



Here are some extracts of various tracks recorded/produced at the studio recently.

Some full releases recorded/produced at the studio are listed below












Near Queen's Road, Leytonstone. 3 minutes walk from Leytonstone tube. Parking available.




I charge a flat rate of £30 per hour for use of my studio, including whichever services of mine you might need (session playing, production/arranging/mixing etc).

I typically charge £35 per hour for session work outside of my studio.



As well as a top spec Mac running Logic with many many plugins and samples etc... **Acoustically treated room **I record everything through a UAD Apollo Twin Duo interface, only 2 inputs available but very high quality ones! **Komplete Kontrol keyboard and Komplete Ultimate sample library, so all sorts of samples coming out my ears **Roli Seaboard Block for extra expressive midi stuff **There's a really nice sounding upright piano with two Oktava MK 012-0 MSP2's on it. **Orange Rocker 30 guitar amp and various UAD amp emulations **Fender Rumble 100 bass amp (although I usually record bass through my various amazing UAD amp emulation plugins) **Tech21 Trademark 30 **Aston Spirit or Audio Technica AT4033ASM condenser mics for vocals etc **Shure SM58 **I have a slightly unorthodox acoustic/electric hybrid kit (two inputs on the interface). The acoustic side includes a wide array of predominantly Sabian high-quality cymbals including a china, splash, chopper, hoop crasher, small crash, big crash/ride... PorkPie Rosewood snare and a piccolo snare. I combine this with electric toms and kick - midi triggering superior drummer or other Kontakt drum kits. I usually put the acoustic side through one Oktava MK 012-0 MSP2 overhead with a Beyerdynamic M 201 TG on the snare. Iron Cobra double kick pedal **I have a very characterful Jolana Diamant bass with flat-wounds on it and a very nice passive hand-made 5-string **Gibson SG **25th anniversary Fender Squire Strat **Yamaha 611-VFM - very wide tonal range ** Martin 00-15m acoustic ** Other guitars people leave lying around **Embarrassingly huge pedal board - Digitech Whammy, Moog ring mod, Backstar HT-Metal, Eventide space, Eventide H9, Mini Kaoss pad, Line 6 DL4, Electro Harmonix Freeze, Boss GT8, Dr Freakenstein Fuzz, Roland electronic drums running through the whole thing etc... **Fun old Casio keyboard **Weighted full-scale midi keyboard **Focal Shape 50 monitors and subwoofer as well as Yamaha NS B10's with their own sub in another room...