I run a small, perfectly formed and affordable recording studio out of my garden in Leytonstone - Sound Terrace studio - it can be rented by the hour and includes my services. I can be as involved with the production/arrangement/mixing etc as desired - anything from simple recordings to full-scale productions. I work closely with Café Music Studios in Bow, who specialise in masterering tracks to full industry standard. Here is a video demonstrating my instrumental playing in a track that I wrote and recorded myself. I am also available for sessions, having wide ranging experience both live and in the studio and across many different genres.



Various large projects are nearing completion so there will be more examples of work coming soon, however there are some extracts of various tracks recorded/produced at the studio recently on Soundcloud.








Near Queen's Road, Leytonstone. 3 minutes walk from Leytonstone tube. Parking available.




I charge a flat rate of £25 per hour for use of my studio, including whichever services of mine you might need (session playing, production/arranging/mixing etc).

I typically charge £30 per hour for session work outside of my studio.



As well as a top spec Mac running Logic with many many plugins and samples etc... **Acoustically treated room **I record everything through a UAD Apollo Twin Duo interface, only 2 inputs available but very high quality ones! **Komplete Kontrol keyboard and Komplete Ultimate sample library, so all sorts of samples coming out my ears **Roli Seaboard Block for extra expressive midi stuff **There's a really nice sounding upright piano with two Oktava MK 012-0 MSP2's on it. **Orange Rocker 30 guitar amp and various UAD amp emulations **Fender Rumble 100 bass amp (although I usually record bass through my various amazing UAD amp emulation plugins) **Tech21 Trademark 30 **Aston Spirit or Audio Technica AT4033ASM condenser mics for vocals etc **Shure SM58 **I have a slightly unorthodox acoustic/electric hybrid kit (two inputs on the interface). The acoustic side includes a wide array of predominantly Sabian high-quality cymbals including a china, splash, chopper, hoop crasher, small crash, big crash/ride... PorkPie Rosewood snare and a piccolo snare. I combine this with electric toms and kick - midi triggering superior drummer or other Kontakt drum kits. I usually put the acoustic side through one Oktava MK 012-0 MSP2 overhead with a Beyerdynamic M 201 TG on the snare. Iron Cobra double kick pedal **I have a very characterful Jolana Diamant bass with flat-wounds on it and a very nice passive hand-made 5-string **Gibson SG **25th anniversary Fender Squire Strat **Yamaha 611-VFM - very wide tonal range ** Martin 00-15m acoustic ** Other guitars people leave lying around **Embarrassingly huge pedal board - Digitech Whammy, Moog ring mod, Backstar HT-Metal, Eventide space, Eventide H9, Mini Kaoss pad, Line 6 DL4, Electro Harmonix Freeze, Boss GT8, Dr Freakenstein Fuzz, Roland electronic drums running through the whole thing etc... **Fun old Casio keyboard **Weighted full-scale midi keyboard **Focal Shape 50 monitors and subwoofer as well as Yamaha NS B10's with their own sub in another room...